Bosnian Attorney

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Dinko Hadzic is a Bosnian Attorney and represents clients from the Bosnian, Serbian and Croatian communities.  As anyone from those communities know, they all share the same language.  Mr. Hadzic has experience in both civil and criminal law.

Bosnian’s, like most people, often need an Attorney for legal issues such as a Divorce or a Personal Injury claim and prefer a Bosnian Divorce Attorney or Bosnian Personal Injury Attorney to represent them in their matter.  Mr. Hadzic is proficient in representing clients in both Divorce matters, and Personal Injury Matters.

Bosnians in Idaho that have been charged with a crime often feel more comfortable with a Bosnian Criminal Attorney that can speak in their native tongue, especially when they are going through something as stressful and devastating as being charged with a criminal charge. If you speak Bosnian, Serbian or Croatian, and prefer to have an attorney that is competent, experienced, and also speaks your native language, then call Atkinson Hadzic Law Offices today, and ask to speak to Dinko Hadzic.



Dinko Hadzic je advokat lociran u Boise Idaho.  Mr. Hadzic predstavlja stranke is bivse Jugoslavije  nudeci odvjetnicke usluge u raznim oblastima gradjanskih i krivicnih prava ukljucujuci licne ozlijede, sve vrste kriminalnih postupka, i razvode braka. Mr. Hadzic je diplomirao Fakultet politickih nauka  na odsjeku politicke filozofije a nakon toga je diplomirao kao doktor pravnih nauka.