Have you been served with divorce papers?

Being served with a divorce complaint is always emotionally difficult and sometimes unexpected experience.  The anger, grief and sadness over lost relationship may last for weeks and even years.  You may be blaming yourself and wondering what, when and where went wrong in your relationship. That is perfectly understandable, but unfortunately, the legal system will not allow you the time to grieve.

You must act, and you must act fast.  You only have twenty (20) days to file an answer to the complaint that you have been served with.  Otherwise, you face a default, which means that your spouse wins on a “technicality” and gets everything requested in the complaint without you ever having your day in court.

If you are served with divorce papers you need to get help from an experienced attorney who can help you asses your situation and come up with a strategy that will take into account your priorities and maximize your chances of protecting those things that matter to you the most.


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