Child Custody Attorneys

Child custody decisions are the most heartbreaking part of the entire divorce process.   It is difficult for some parents to put their personal differences aside and come to a reasoned agreement about the child custody issues that truly serve the best interests of their children.  The number of issues to be considered, such as whether joint or sole child custody is appropriate, the amount of child support awarded or a visitation schedule, can be overwhelming.

For some parents the level of animosity or the history of physical, emotional or verbal abuse may make it impossible to have a fair and reasoned discourse with the other parent about the child custody issues.  Having an experienced child custody attorney looking out for your best interests can make the difference between keeping your family together and losing your children to your former spouse.  That’s why at Atkinson Hadzic Law Offices we take into account each client’s unique situation before crafting a solution best suited to protect the client’s interests while at the same time serving the best interests of the children.

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