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Boise Personal Injury Attorneys

If you have been injured in an accident, then you need an attorney to represent you in getting the money you are owed.  As you have probably already guessed, people don’t like to give up their money, even when they know that they owe it.  And sometimes the only motivation that can get someone to pay what they owe is to threaten them with legal action if they will not.  This is why attorneys are consistently able to get higher settlements for personal injury cases than individuals can on their own.  An attorney will almost always be able to improve your settlement enough to cover the cost of your attorneys fees, and usually more.  Personal injury cases take a lot of work, even for attorneys.  There is so much to know and learn about personal injury if you are not someone who deals with it on a daily basis, like a personal injury attorney does.  Knowing the law, the insurance adjusters, the insurance companies, the policies, the procedures, the intricate details of the system.  These are all things that the typical personal injury plaintiff will never have to deal with, except for this once time they were injured.

Most people will not perform complicated repairs to their own vehicle, most people would not do perform their own medical treatment, or fix their own teeth.  Similarly you should not try to handle your own personal injury case.  Will you collect money in a settlement without an attorney?  Most likely you will.  Will you be able to secure a settlement for the amount you are truly owed?  That is less likely, for the reasons already mentioned.

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